Police Chase Ends With Crash on Mission Inn Avenue at Pine Street

Police Chase Ends With Crash on Mission Inn Avenue at Pine Street

An attempt to perform a traffic stop on Brockton Avenue in Riverside quickly turned into a pursuit when the driver refused to pull over. As the chase heated up, the driver turned left onto ninth street trying to evade the police and then turned onto Pine Street heading toward Mission Inn Ave.

Witnesses said speeds had to have exceeded more than 60 miles an hour as the sedan made it’s way up Pine Street, narrowly missing one witness as she was crossing the street. When the automobile reached the intersection at Mission Inn Avenue and Pine Street, the driver failed to yield again and broad-sided a small Toyota that was heading toward Downtown Riverside, hitting the car so hard, that it ended up in the yard of a single-family home, more than thirty feet away from the impact area, and facing the wrong direction.

When speaking with an unidentified witness she said “They were going so fast! It’s a wonder that anyone was not killed in the crash.” Police agreed with one Sergeant stating that if the car had not had airbags, they would have indeed been pulling bodies out of the car. Police refused to speculate as to why the driver ran. They would only say that the male passenger said that there were mechanical issues with the car and that it was not legal, though they doubted his story.

The female driver was treated at the scene, with bandages wrapped around her forehead, but she was taken to the hospital in handcuffs by the ambulance to be checked. The male was arrested and taken to jail.

As for the innocent driver, he appeared to be more shaken up than anything but agreed to go to the hospital to be checked thoroughly by doctors.

Police would not say if the car was stolen, or if there were drugs involved in initiating the stop. It was indicated that the tags did not belong to the car but that the car had not been reported stolen. Police removed the remaining license plate from the rear of the car. Drugs are a probability, as two plain-clothed police officers spent a great deal of time searching the car before the flatbed tow truck hauled it away.

It is unknown if the police actually found any drugs in the car. Names and other information were not disclosed based on the fact that the crash is “pending investigation”.

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