The Stand – Remake Review

The Stand – Remake Review

This review has to do with the television series The Stand, supposedly based on Stephen King’s novel and directed by Josh Boone.

When the talk first started about remaking The Stand, my first thought was, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”! That’s actually the way I feel about most movies that I like. Stephen King’s The Stand is one of those movies I absolutely love. There’s been so many times when the remake is actually horrible.

Then, I began to think that they should in fact remake the stand, but do so as an HBO or even SHOWTIME series. Movies cannot stay 100% true to the book for obvious reasons. If anything runs longer than two hours, usually people will lose interest. The Godfather is the exception to that rule, but still, they have an intermission in Two. The story was that good though – as is Stephen King’s story, The Stand. So, I started thinking that a series would actually enable the ENTIRE story to be told, as it should be, including Trashcan Man’s epic journey half-way across the country from Indiana to Las Vegas.

I began to get excited, and waited anxiously as it went into production, and then brought to us on CBS. I subscribed to CBS simply so I could watch the show. Then I saw the first episode – AND IT SUCKED.

So, I thought OK, it’s just getting off to a slow start. So I watched the second one. No Better. I canceled the CBS subscription, and kept watching the show each week until the subscription ran out. It never got any better. In fact, it got significantly worse.

People who read books that get made into movies, like the movie to be AT LEAST close to the book. This comes no where near that.

I get that the time period was updated. That actually makes sense in the grand scheme of things. What I do not get is why things were inserted into the show that had absolutely nothing to do with the book. Fabricated story lines that came nowhere close to being relevant. Josh Boone, in short, really screwed this up in a big way for King fans. The IMDB rating of three tells that. The only reason it even got a three from me, was because despite everything, he did do a good job with casting the characters, although in my mind, Gary Sinise will ALWAYS be Stu Redman and Molly Ringwald will ALWAYS be Fran Goldsmith. While I do not have a direct jab at Boone for casting Jovan Adepo as Larry Underwood, the thing was, the song “Baby Can You Dig Your Man”, was supposed to be a white singer, who sounded black. Perhaps Henry Zaga could have swapped parts with him, but it really doesn’t matter because the whole show is a train wreck anyway.

As a writer, I am like most – I work a day job (as a freelance writer) and write my own stuff in my spare time, but if I were one of the chosen few who were in a financial position to do so, I would get with Mr. King and do the book the justice it deserves. Who knows, perhaps the series would be so well-received that it could expand beyond the book and take a look at what Stu and Frannie et al did to start rebuilding the country and they migrated away from Boulder.

And finally, WHOSE BRIGHT IDEA WAS IT TO DO THE SHOW AS FLASHBACKS??? I don’t know that I have ever seen anything else that Boone has done, but like I said, he screwed the pooch on this one.

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