Blue Bloods Review

Blue Bloods Review

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not yet seen the series and you do plan to watch it, there are some details in this article that may spoil individual episodes for you.

When I was younger, my favorite television show of all time was NYPD Blue. There were many other shows I enjoyed as well, but NYPD Blue was my favorite “cop”. COPS, being real, was my second favorite.

When NYPD Blue went off the air, I never watched cop shows anymore. I didn’t think any were good enough. That is until I was turned on to Blue Bloods.

I don’t watch a lot of network television anymore. I can’t stand the commercials, though I know that this is how television stations earn the revenue to bring such shows to the masses. Still, I don’t like them. For Blue Bloods, I made an exception.

NYPD Blue, as I said, was my all-time favorite cop show. I’ll show my age a little and tell you too, that my favorite cop show prior to that was Baretta. Yes. The mid-70s lol. My point though is that besides reality cop TV, a cop show grabbing my attention is a rare event, EVEN THOUGH, I do enjoy writing about crime.

I had seen Blue Bloods advertised but never paid it any mind. That is, until of all things, I watched an episode of Wahlburgers. The reason I watched that show is two-fold. First, Mark Wahlberg is my favorite actor from the day he first appeared in Renaissance Man, and of course, Donnie Wahlberg of NKOTB, who also plays a cop in Blue Bloods. Mostly for the latter though in this case.

There was an episode of Wahlburgers in which Donnie’s nephew took the Wahlburgers truck to New York, where Donnie was focusing on filming whatever season it was of Blue Bloods. The nephew wants to be in pictures, and Donnie was kind of giving him sort of a playful crash course in how to play a cop.

As it happened, I had gotten a free subscription to Paramount+ with my phone plan. (Up to that time, honestly, we hadn’t even watched Paramount+.)

I wanted to watch every episode, so I started of course, from episode 1, season 1. I have been binge-watching the show ever since and have now, at the time of this writing, have reached Season 10. Episode 11. I have to say, I love every minute of it. Let’s look at the overall thoughts, opinions, and character reviews before I get into specifics. I only included the primary characters for now, and we will talk about a few of the others, and the kids in the show later.

  1. Frank Reagan – Top cop Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck is as you would expect a police commissioner to be. He’s hard, but fair. I think he’s a little over the top where his kids are concerned. That could be, however, that I am biased towards the Reagan children because when I was a young man, I worked with my father as well, in the same business, along side him. When he was training me for the job, he was three times harder on me than he was anyone else. I learned, but I learned no more than anyone else did. My point, is why be harsh? The children never used him as a “hook” as they called it in the show. I get why he can’t show any favoritism, but the audience I think, gets that he doesn’t show any, and the kids never ask for any. That’s the sign of good acting though, and a sign that the show itself is good, because you are being pulled into the story, and your emotions are ebing triggered. This also means that this is because of good writing. BOTTOM LINE: Tom Selleck plays the part well due to good direction, writing and acting.
  2. Henry Reagan – (Len Cariou) Retired commissioner Reagan is an excellent patriarch, and actually gets to jump into the action sometimes. He’s also a good voice of reason most of the time during the arguments between the siblings, and sometimes Frank Reagan.
  3. Danny ReaganDonnie Wahlberg talking about this show is why I started watching to begin with. I wanted to see how his acting was, wirthout realizing it was him I was seeing in a couple of movies. Danny Reagan is in my view, the best detective in any cop show I have ever watched. I know there is a stigma revolving around police right now. The far right would have us to get rid of cops altogether, AND I know there are rogue cops out there. The reality on that aspect though, is this stop snitching bullshit out there. The same group of people there yelling that the police don’t help them, are the very ones who will not talk to the police when they need the publics help to put the criminals away. (This references several complaints throughout the life of the series against the Reagan cops). ANYWAY, Danny steps on the edge in several instances without going over, I think, but it’s the reality of the job that needs to be done. He’s an excellent cop in the show, and if this show ever ends, and I ever sell my pilot, he’s the lead all the way home. I’m not giving details here of course, because I have no desire to give away my ideas. If you read this Donnie Wahlberg, send me an email and I’ll give you my pitch.
  4. Linda Reagan – I was sad. No, let me rephrase that – I was PISSED OFF when Linda was killed off. I understand that Amy Carlson did not want to continue with the show. Her departure could have been handled better by using another actor and then writing in her murder or even just a permanent replacement with someone similar to her looks. To go from one season with her character there, to a season when she is all of a sudden dead. I liked Linda. Like I said. The show pulls you in – a sign of good acting, writing and direction, like I said before.
  5. Erin Reagan-Boyle More often than not. Erin (Bridget Moynahan), pisses me off. Again, a sign of good acting. She’s the part of the family that keeps them on track, and makes sure they have good, strong cases that will result in conviction. She has to understand though, that good cops, like Danny, Jamie and Eddie have good instincts and know what they are doing – I know she needs a good case, but there’s no reason she can’t be more helpful than she is. She pisses me off more often than not.
  6. Jamie Reagan – Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) is a model cop. The real world could use 812,279 cops just like him. That’s the total U.S. population of police officers who are responsible to 329.5 million people. Truly, and I know I keep saying this, great acting and writing are what is responsible for his character being so likable.
  7. Eddie Janko-Reagan – (Vanessa Ray) I love Eddie. She, like Jamie, falls into the group of my favorite characters along with Danny. She has a good heart and wants to help. Like the rest of the family of cops, she wants to see a case through to the end. She plays her part well.
  8. Anthony Abetemarco – (Steve Schirripa) Steve is a great actor. I first encountered him when he was part of the Soprano’s cast. It seems funny to me to see him playing a cop after playing a gangster on the Soprano’s, but as much as I liked him in the Soprano’s, I like him as a cop much better. He plays his part well, and good writing is what helps him along. His character of Anthony is one of my favorites.
  9. Abigail Baker – (Abigail Hawk) Abigail is another of my favorite characters in the show. She pulls no punches when it is time for her to give her opinion. She’s loyal to the commissioner and acts as a sounding board for the commissioner. She also serves as part of his security team.
  10. Garret Moore – (Gregory Jbara) – Gregory plays his part well. His job is to keep Frank on an even keel and to write press releases and handle the press so that things don’t get taken out of context. He also is the voice of 1PP when wrongly reported news is releasxed. I like the guy because he is like me – he doesn’t like when words are twisted to make another group look good, or to shine a bad light on the REAL NEWS. He also doesn’t like when news is embelished for sensationalism. (See my YouTube Channel at: to see what I mean.
  11. Sid Gormley – (Robert Clohessy) – Robert has a well-rounded career playing vaious characters in shows like Hill Street Blues and more notably, OZ, which is where I first learned who he is. He’s a great actor and I for one am glad he is playing the part of Sid Gormley. The commissioner promoted him to Lieutenant from Sergeant and moved him to the 1PP offices as an additional advisor.

As I continue writing, I decided not to any spoilers in the article, and ruin the show for everyone else. It’s an absolutely great show, and while I have binge watched every episode up until Season 12, episode 13, I will have to wait patiently for the next one.

The kids in the show include Sami Gayle, as Nicky, Andrew Terraciano as Sean, and Tony Terraciano as Jack. They appear mostly at the Sunday family dinners, but there are episodes where the focus is on the kids. As they grow older however, you see the children less. I am anxious to see what they end up doing as permanent careers.

Now, there is one other Reagan child in the family, but he was killed in the line of duty, by rogue cops, who all get arrested when they are caught. As the series progresses SPOILER ALERT, the audience learns that the dead brother fathered a son during a relationship with a lady who was also at the academy when Joe presumably went through.He appears periodically throughout the series, and even shows up for some of the family dinners.

Finally, when the NYC Mayor steps down, his interim replacement is Lorraine Bracco, a know adversary to Frank. I hated Bracco during her episodes, but again, this is another sign of great acting and writing, because in reality, I usually love the lady in the parts that she plays, especially when she played Dr. Melfi on the Sopranos.

That’s all I have for now, but go watch it! You can stream every episode on Paramount Plus!!

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