Advertising with our network is easy. You can choose to advertise on our site by setting up an account with Google Adwords and then drill down your choices to include websites in Riverside, California. Presently, two of our websites make use of Google ads including – John’s author website and through – our home inspection business.

On this website, we presently offer a couple of ways to advertise:

  1. Banner Ad Impressions – The least expensive way to advertise on our site.
  2. Get into our services pages. This is a detailed page in one of our categories that has a one-time charge and your page will be posted permanently, no archiving of pages.
    1. When you choose this option, we will write a detailed article about your business that will include links to your website, your phone number prominently posted along with your business address. We do not archive the pages on our websites, so your article is always present anytime Google scans the website, or anytime anyone searches.
  3. Product/Service Reviews – Chances are, if we already use your product or service, you will eventually end up in our Reviews pages if you have made an impact on us. You can inquire as to whether or not we have used your product or service using the contact us form.
  4. Google Ads – this option will not be available for this website for approximately 4 months. Check back for updates as to when we are ready to begin serving Google Ads.
  5. Use the CONTACT US form to ask about advertising.
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